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Pre-mix Concrete - Normal Class

"Normal Class" is the term applied to a range of standardised concrete mixes as defined by Australian Standard AS1379 with the following performance requirements:

  • Mass per unit volume between 2100 and 2800 kg/m3
  • Chloride content not more than 0.8 kg/m3
  • Sulphate content not more than 50g/kg of cement
  • Shrinkage strain not exceeding 1000 microstrain
  • A mean compressive strength at 7 days of approx. half the specified 28 day strength
  • A cement complying with AS3972 or AS3582
  • No lightweight aggregate

The intention of this "Class" is to provide a set of minimum standards that cover the vast majority of concrete manufactured in Australia.

Normal Class (N Class) concrete are the "bread and butter" of Metro Constructions Supplies and we have an excellent range of workable/pumpable mixes suitable for a broad range of applications such as: blinding, foundations, strip footings, ground slabs, suspended slabs, paving, driveways, roadways, cross overs, pits, kerbs and the list goes on.

Standard strength grades range from 15MPa, 20, 25, 32, 40, and 50 MPa (Mega Pascal) and are available in 20mm, 14mm or 7mm maximum aggregate size to facilitate conveyance and placement.

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