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Waffle Pods for House Slabs

We have a range of Waffle Pod sizes available:

Polystyrene Waffle Pods:

POD150 150mm Polystyrene Pod
POD175 175mm Polystyrene Pod
POD225 225mm Polystyrene Pod
POD300 300mm Polystyrene Pod
POD375 375mm Polystyrene Pod

Delivery to your site is available.

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The Waffle Pod Slab system is an innovative method of constructing concrete slabs, providing enormous strength and durability and significantly reducing building costs.

Built 'on-ground' rather than 'in-ground', the Waffle Pod Slab eliminates the need for labour intensive trenching – which is required in conventional concrete slab construction methods.

Construction takes place on cleared level surfaces, allowing work to continue uninterrupted in wet weather. And Waffle Pod Slabs allow a more accurate specification of concrete quantities.

This results in:

  • reduced waste
  • minimal impact on the environment
  • less soil disturbance
  • no excavated rubble from trenches to dispose of

Waffle Pods are the ideal solution for 'on-ground' slabs, air pockets created by the pods forms an insulating layer between the structure and the ground.

We stock most sizes including the most popular; 225mm & 300mm and fast delivery is available.

Waffle Pods for house slabs

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